Wednesday, September 6, 2017

An update on "RPG Money 1"

So for about a year now I started working on a game that I called RPG Money 1. The game was based on my comic series and would be an open world game where you must take down the Raiders and avoid them from causing havoc in the world. But around June-July, I noticed that what I had planned just wasn't good enough. And what I mean by that is the game concept was great, but the story wasn't fitting with the art design and gameplay I had. I was also working on this game using RPG Maker and Gamemaker Studio 2 at the time so it made everything I had to make 100x harder so I scrapped the entire idea and started thinking of a new one. In July I finally thought of the new game which I'm currently calling "Garden" and it's going way better than the first game I was working on. I'm using the Unity Engine to create this game, but I haven't started the game itself yet, I've been doing a TON of research and probably won't start the game itself till December or Early next year.

The game concept design that I've put my mind on is Isometric gameplay design. My goal is too make most of the sprites in 3D so that at certain parts of the game, you can go from a 2.5D view to a 3D for certain gameplay. When your running around you can rotate the camera to view other sides to places or I might make an automatic camera shift when you get to certain parts so that you can see the other parts of the area and buildings. Once I have a finished concept put together on Unity I'll show it.

For the battle mode it's gonna be a tile based battle mode. When you click to enter battle mode instead of moving freely, you'll move in from tile to tile while attacking. If you hit an enemy outside of the battle mode, it'll automatically start battle mode and you'll get some kind of first hit perk. And like Paper Mario, if they see you they'll chase you till you hide or get far apart.

Honestly, I won't have anything else to talk about till I finish all of my research for this game, this is a whole different game so none of the characters and other things that was in RPG Money 1 won't be in Garden, it isn't part of the Novianverse.  

I will keep posting character designs (Grace's design is done already), but the environmental stuff take longer since I'm not to good at drawing that kind of stuff. I'm also working alot so some days I won't post anything because of that. Still in 7 months I will have some kind of prototype to play or trailer to show. Ok bye.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Lonewolf Review

I'm still playing Oceanhorn (Still very good and quite long), but I did finish Lonewolf. So here's what I think about Lonewolf. The game is a sniper based game with some rapid fire and one fighting section. The game will take you about 1 and an half hour to beat, but getting all headshots, 100% accuracy and not dying will take an extra 3 hours. The game does have a story and it's actually very good! The story is about Lonewolf helping out this organization, but soon after starts hunting them down. It has drawn cutscenes and alot of story for each mission. The graphics for the game looks like it was all hand drawn which fits perfect for this game and is very good. The music isn't something to awe about, but it gets the job done. There are a total of 26 thropies to collect in the game which isn't much, but it adds a good amount replay value to it. There are only 2 in game dlc's to download: Cash Grab which is only 99 cents and it gives you 10000 credits and refills your bullets (the bullets allow you to play a level. When you restart or start a new level, it'll take one). There is also the $1.99 premium that'll give you 30000 credits, unlimited bullets and you unlock the premium weapons. I did buy the premium and my money didn't go to waste. I'd definitely buy it if you want better weapons and gear. Now is the game great? No, there's some problems. One of the biggest one being the lack of explaining. Some missions will take you awhile to beat because it doesn't explain well. That's the only problem I had really. This is one my favorite Sniper games. Well the best Sniper games to get your hands on! It's free to download and I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

I'll give this game a 9/10 it's a GREAT game and expect for the bad explaining at times, it worth playing and buying the premium! My next review will HOPEFULLY be Oceanhorn, but if not it will definitely be The Escapist. Which is very hard, but for a game like that it's GREAT.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Super Mario Run Review

Super Mario Run. I didn't really look into it when It first came out on IOS devices. Something that MANY people told me though is that it's too expensive. Now that I got my hands on it, I can see why. It released on Android devices yesterday and I'm highly disappointed. This game isn't worth $10 AT ALL. I have no idea what Nintendo was thinking when they decided to put a $10 price tag on a RUNNING...I mean JUMPING game. Yes, it's pretty fun. But all your doing is JUMPING! This isn't worth $10 at all. And no I didn't buy it, I wanna spend my money on a good game. If you want to buy a mobile game, go get Oceanhorn (which I'm loving it atm). It's $5.49 and it has a full blown story and is very similar to Zelda. So if I has to rate the would be a 5 out of 10. The game is fun and everything, but the price just isn't right. Bring it down to $3.99 and more people would probably buy. But save your hard earned cash and buy another game. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2 new mobile game reviews coming next week!

I will be reviewing 2 new games next week: Oceanhorn (Full game) and FINALLY Super Mario Run for the android!! The Oceanhorn review should be done by next week Wednesday and The Super Mario Run review will be out maybe on Thursday the latest Friday.

Both of these games do cost money, Oceanhorn is $5.49 and Super Mario Run I'm expecting it to be $10.00. Oceanhorn is surprisingly good for a $5 game, it's very similar to Zelda, so if your a Zelda fan you will love this game, but it will cost you. I haven't played Super Mario Run, but for $10 it might not as good as Oceanhorn which has a HUGE story and lots to do. But we'll see when I finish them both.

Friday, March 17, 2017

RPG Money 1 at Maker-Fest 2017!

RPG Money 1 will be shown and Maker-Fest 2017! You'll be able to see the game and play some of it yourself. The game at Maker-Fest won't have the full game, since one part won't be suitable to be shown at the event. By Maker-Fest the game's campaign and some side missions will be completed, but the Vanity side missions will be released in a future update. If you are interested in playing the full game, you will be able to download it via Gamejolt!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Thumper review

I've been meaning to do a review on this game like 3 months ago, I dont understand why I never did. But Thumper has to be one of the BEST rhythm based games to date! Thumper is truly classified as a rhythm-violence game that truly lives up to it's name. Your a space beetle who is trying to to overcome the hellish void and fight a maniacal head from the future. The game is EXTREMELY hard and does require a lot of focus and skill. When you first start the game off, you'll start off with a boss battle. And yes, the boss is a triangle spinning around. Now the very and probably the best thing about this game that you notice is the AMAZING sound design and effects. Every sound in this game is the reason why I haven't been able to stop playing it. Everything that you touch from the glowing rectangles, making a sharp turn or even flying sounds perfect. Now the controls for the game is very simple. You only use three buttons (Reviewing PC version): The space bar allows you to "thump" the glowing rectangles. You also use the up button to fly and the left and right button to turn. Pretty simple right? Well no no nooo. Each level they make it a bit more unique. When you click the space bar it'll allow you to thump the rectangles. If you HOLD it, it'll allow you to break bars that can harm you if you don't destroy them. And to turn, you gotta hold the space bar and the direction that you want to turn. This game get complicated real fast, as each level gets faster and faster each time. And thats pretty much all they tell you. Each level has sub-levels and you must complete all to beat the level. And for each sub-level that you complete, you get a score either C, B, A or S. If your trying to get a S, you must not miss or get hit ONCE or VERY little. Now something that game does't tell you is how to make your score higher. When you make a turn, you can just turn EASY. But, if you want a higher score, you'll need to perfect the turn which means turning at the RIGHT time, not too early and not to late. You'll definitely hear the difference when making a perfect or normal turn as the perfect turn sounds like your striking metal. To perfect the ENTIRE level, you must perfect every turn and hit EVERYTHING correctly. There is a leaderboard so many people are always competing to get the highest scores.

Lets talk about the gameplay now. Each level like I said has Sub-levels. The first 4 levels haves 3 boss battles including the final boss and every other level has 2 bosses including the final one. The bosses in the game are extremely cool to fight and some will really either seem beautiful to see or will freak you out (The 7th boss battle freaked to living shit outta me) When you start a level, you'll notice it has a pattern and after a boss battle it gets alot harder. From the first level to the 5th, you'll be shown something new that really changes the gameplay for the game. The biggest and hardest add-ons are probably the multiple lines and the RING OF DEATH. The multiple lines are when you'll have to move left and right to avoid missing any rectangles and bars and the ring of death will appear to harm or kill you if miss ANY rectangle. I do think though that it brings a good, but hard challenge to players. The gameplay is something that you'll enjoy if you really enjoy hard games and a good sounding game which I will talk about more below.

The last thing to cover is the game design. Looking at this game is visually amazing and beautiful at the same time. The game has a dim lit color scheme to it that make it seems that your in space and the indoor parts look trippy. The level 3 and level 8 boss probably have the trippiest looking designs in my opinion though. The game can visually mess you up, which is why I say you must be VERY focused.

Thumper in general is just perfect from rhythm game point of view, from the great visual design and effects and the AMAZING sound design and soundtrack, once you start playing, you'll be hooked for MONTHS (Me lol). I would rate this game a 9/10. It would be a perfect if the game wasn't EXTREMELY HARD, but It's why I love it!

Thank's for reading my review on Thumper! My next review will be on either For Honor or Resident Evil 7 (Working on both ATM).